Corinne Natel

Artist in residence

Artist in Residence


In residence 6th September - 30th October 2022

Corinne Natel is a contemporary artist, based in North West London, specialising in abstract mixed media paintings. She is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media. Her work investigates colour, form, space and texture. Working with a variety of mixed media, a blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of its own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive works that allude to another world.

Corinne’s theme whilst in residency will be ‘Now Everything’s Vivid’. During her time in the studio she will create a series of abstract paintings further investigating the relationship between colour and form, specifically examining the relationship with negative space in a painting and how colours work with one another to create a sense of energy and language in themselves.
Over the course of her residency, Corinne’s work will aim to create a sense of energy by creating in a vivid space with the city surroundings in London. With the influences of the surrounding Bankside area, she hopes to capture the energy and creativity of London in her colourful paintings.

Corinne's interpretation of the theme, ‘Now Everything’s Vivid’ is as follows:
‘Life is very short and we should aim to live each day to our best fulfillment and embrace the positive of what we can accomplish even under struggles and difficult circumstances. To be present in the day and make this as vivid as possible - in essence, to be alive! This will be the aim to identify and capture this in my paintings.’
This special series of artworks will be a development of the artist’s signature ‘Superluminal’ collection, which is a range of abstract paintings made up of acrylics, inks, fluid paint, and glitter. The new series that will be created whilst in residency, will follow a similar process and use of materials working firstly flat using acrylics, inks and mixed media splashed on and then working upright with paints, inks and mixed media to build up and develop beautiful layers of colour whilst investigating negative space and form.
Corinne will be sponsored by FW Daler-Rowney Inks, which provide stunning colours and effects and when built up, develop beautiful layers of colours. Daler-Rawney will be providing a range of inks that Corinne will use whilst in residency. In addition to utilising different sized canvases, Corinne will also create a set of exclusive limited edition giclée prints from the paintings created during her residency.

Visit Corinne in the studio between 6th September - 30th October 2022 and follow her progress on instagram

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