Art Yard Makers Studio

A permanent area of the hotel, dedicated to all things craft. Art Yard Studio is a creative space that provides a home to emerging artists, located next to our restaurant Art Yard Bar & Kitchen, guests and passers-by are encouraged to pop in and watch artists practice their creative expertise. 

Current artists in residence

Canadian husband and wife artist duo, Amy Shackleton and Julian Brown will engage in their first collaborative residency experience to combine their individual strengths and contribute to the dynamic art scene in London. Visual artist Shackleton and digital artist Brown combine painting with augmented reality to transport viewers into imagined urban futurescapes where cities and nature have become entangled. Visit them in the studio from 3rd July to 26th August 2024

Past artists in residence

Our curators Contemporary Collective bring a unique selection of creatives to the studio, covering a wide range of disciplines including: design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography. Meet the creatives that have called our studio home.

Amy Shackleton & Julian Brown
3rd July - 26th August 2024