Bankside knows how important it is protect and support the environment. Everyone at the hotel tries really hard to minimise our effect on the environment, we are also passionate about supporting our local community.

Everyday we wear two hats. One that wants to help the environment and one that provides great service at a standard we know you’ll expect. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always rewarding.

Controlling our energy consumption is paramount, and we need to work diligently to reduce our carbon footprint by introducing procedures and processes to control our daily energy use, and decreasing our energy requirements by effective policies and the use of energy efficient equipment.

‘Green Key’ Certification

Bankside is proud to hold Green Key accreditation. Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism facilities. Green Key provides a well-proven framework for an establishment to work with its environmental management on sustainability issues, including awareness raising. The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent on-site audits.

For guests, a Green Key shows that the establishment is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their stay. The Green Key programme is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030 addressed by the United Nations.

Our Goals

To fully comply with what the law requires us to do, both now and in the future.

  • To strive to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and conserve natural resources, but keep everyone safe and comfortable.
  • Educate & train staff in environmental issues and how we can be as energy efficient as possible; so create an environmentally-aware working culture.
  • To adopt a zero-to-landfill policy & increase the recycling ethos in everything we do.
  • To set measurable targets to reduce energy consumption year-on-year.
  • To ensure we work alongside and support our local community.

Taking Waste Seriously

  • The kitchen puts waste into separate food bins. Looking ahead, we plan to donate to food banks. We have no plastic utensils/bins. All bins are made of metal. There are separate recycling bins for every item (paper, food, metal, batteries). Waste vegetable oil is sent back to the suppliers to recycle.
  • We always try to encourage suppliers to reduce their packaging via decanted and consolidated deliveries, so reducing the amount of vehicles on roads, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Built to be Sustainable

  • Several tables in the Lobby are made from recycled plastic.
  • Our linen re-use programme for towels & sheets. We plan to participate in the Marriott ‘plant a tree’ campaign.
  • We use low VOC paint throughout Bankside to reduce the emission of harmful toxic chemicals into the air .
  • All our carpets are made of 100% wool. No glue is used, so no VOCs are given off.
  • Solar panels are installed, they are very sustainable & totally inexhaustible.
  • We have bee hives on our roof top. We use the honey throughout Bankside. Our bees will also help sustain the environment.
Frankie Kurtis
8th April - 23rd June 2024