Anika Manuel is a portrait and figurative painter living and working in Cornwall, specialising in portraying the female image.

Working predominantly from found imagery of stylised women, Anika re-presents these images, often against bright patterned backgrounds, and forces the viewer to spend a bit more time looking at an image which might often be overlooked. The photograph and it’s subsequent translation into painting is what excites Anika, by recycling the original image she imbues them with a different meaning, and champions the sometimes undervalued.

The fast drying acrylic medium lends itself to the vibrant and instantaneous nature of her process. As in the imagery Anika uses, often from fashion editorials where the seasons move quickly, she paints to reflect this, never spending too long on the process but creating artworks that last. Her style is realistic, depicting the human figure somewhat traditionally but with a contemporary edge.

Open House

Art Yard Maker’s Studio has an open-house policy, so if you‘re visiting our neighbourhood’s major art galleries, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern or Hayward Gallery why not stop by to see an artist at work.