Kelly is a contemporary painter and textile artist. Her meticulously embroidered paintings reflect graphically the complex world we now live in.

Her current series explores stitched data visualisations, where she reveals to us another way of understanding our reality and takes a critical view on human experience and existence.

Combining paint and thread on canvas to create abstract embroidery paintings that are both atmospheric and evocative, Jenkins’ playful and organic ‘scapes’, are stitched into with highly detailed and dynamic embroidery compositions. Her process and aesthetic are marked by constant change and contradiction; Through the spontaneity and impulse in painting to the precision and texture of her embroidery, Kelly finds harmony in coalescing opposites, achieving dissonance and flow, unifying colours, shapes and textures through the relationship of paint and stitch on canvas.

By juxtaposing the familiar sensibilities of the atmospheric Impressionist landscape and abstract expressionism with the aesthetics of the information age, creating abstracted landscapes of places within the cosmos of the internet, Jenkins references high modernism in the context of high tech; using data to visualise the online collective and personal experiences, memories and emotions of individuals and society.

Open House

Art Yard Maker’s Studio has an open-house policy, so if you‘re visiting our neighbourhood’s major art galleries, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern or Hayward Gallery why not stop by to see an artist at work.