Mark and Paul Cummings intention is to create phenomenological experiences, with an interest for the occult, mysticism, technology and zeitgeist.

They produce artworks namely sculptures and audio-visual performances too – being multidisciplinary they utilise any medium that suits the project best.

In 2006 after leaving university, Mark and Paul Cummings headed straight for the heart of London, settling a stone’s throw from the Square Mile. Based in the epicenter of the City they immersed themselves in technology and urban culture. They soon became a household name within the digital art scene at the time. Known as Digital Punks working under the pseudonym of AZ2Lab. Their work was showcased around the world in events and exhibitions such as Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the UK.

Open House

Art Yard Maker’s Studio has an open-house policy, so if you‘re visiting our neighbourhood’s major art galleries, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern or Hayward Gallery why not stop by to see an artist at work.