Lana Matsuyama is a Japanese-American contemporary artist, designer and creative director, based in London and New York.

Specialising in abstract mixed media paintings and drawings, she aims to retain a sense of minimalism in her work whilst simultaneously creating movement, emotion and complexity through repetition, texture and patina.

She challenges the viewer’s sense of depth/space and perception, and uses shapes informed by design, architecture, urban development and the natural world. Japanese influences such as wabi-sabi come into play as she examines the practice of making as an endless process of layering adjusting, uncovering and building. She embraces imperfection and impermanence in her work.

Open House

Art Yard Maker’s Studio has an open-house policy, so if you‘re visiting our neighbourhood’s major art galleries, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern or Hayward Gallery why not stop by to see an artist at work.