Samuel Ryde is a London based photographer with a passion for noticing the un-noticed objects and architecture of everyday human life.

During his residency, he created, ‘The Fifteen Minute Series’, capturing and reflecting the area the Bankside Hotel is located in.

Through his lens, remarkable characters emerge from unremarkable spaces: Hand dryers in washrooms, telephone boxes on street corners, derelict buildings daubed with old signs and new graffiti – all of them tell accidental stories and remnants of moments shared by other people in another place and time.

Samuel’s debut book ‘Hand Dryers’, with a foreword by Sir James Dyson, was published by Unicorn in 2020. Representing the industrial object we’re all instantly familiar with but asking the viewers to take a fresh look at the world it is in with the way we treat the anonymity of a bathroom. The release enjoyed features in The New York Times, The Guardian, The New York Magazine plus others.

Samuel’s constitution of his other long term project, 12:34 pm, in which he has documented the time 12:34 pm every day since 2012 was recently watched by over a million people on the BBC. This project attempts to capture the mundane, everyday moments of life to gather them in true honesty to try and ascertain what your life would look like in a snap shot, if it was average, from a distance.

Open House

Art Yard Maker’s Studio has an open-house policy, so if you‘re visiting our neighbourhood’s major art galleries, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern or Hayward Gallery why not stop by to see an artist at work.