Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid & Virtual Events

We’ve been busy. Busy developing a safe and exciting way for people to meet either in person or virtually - and it complies to Government guidelines. This is not just another streaming service, it’s an in-house live studio we’ve created with Showcase AVi, an event production company with 20 years’ experience, where we create and host virtual & hybrid events.  

The Bankside Virtual & Hybrid Event facilities include:

  • Dedicated studio set up for a live or pre-recorded environment boasting 7m wide green screen backdrop and 2 camera broadcast.
  • An onsite full editing suite.
  • Safe room for event organisers to manage any guest speakers/presenters.
  • Hybrid set up in carefully designed with the flexibility to comply with government regulations and guidelines. 
  • 7m x 2m curved 2.6mm pitch SMD LED screen with 82” relay screens has been set up creating an impressive backdrop for an event. 
  • Live event permanent technical production set up for clients who wish to hold small live event sessions.
  • Flexible event rooms, reconfigured to meet Government regulations.
  • Food, drink and accommodation packages.

End of year meetings, product launches and award ceremonies are just some of the ways you could use the studio in conjunction with our other event spaces. If you would like to know more, or like a demonstration please send your enquiry to events team or call us on +44 (0) 203 943 2220

Virtual Events

Pre-recorded or live stream events can be filmed and edited from our studio and broadcast to your audience wherever they are. Not to get technical, but the collaboration with Showcase AVi means they can also offer the ‘virtual online platform’ that hosts the event. It provides the ability for the event to be attended from anywhere and gives you the buzz, atmosphere and production values are as if it were a live event.

Hybrid Events

This is where limited number of people attend the event in one of our event spaces, and then thanks to Showcase’s technology the event is live-streamed, so giving a physical and virtual audience. Don’t worry, if guidelines change, having our own in-house streaming department allows the flexibility to easily change your event from hybrid to fully virtual - meaning your meeting can event can always go on regardless.

Green Studio

We know that things can change quickly, which is why we saw the need for a permanent recording and editing studio. Our dedicated studio set up for a live or pre-recorded environment boasts a 7m wide green screen backdrop and 2 camera broadcast, so it's ready and waiting for you to take to the stage.