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A South Bank hangout

Sure Bankside has a restaurant and bar, well two bars to be precise, but they're not the typical faceless, you could be anywhere types of places. Ours are a reflection of what's happening outside: relaxed, vibrant, full of interesting personalities but totally unpretentious and giving everyone an equally large smile.

Our restaurant flies the Bankside flag for keeping it local by reaching out to all the foodie suppliers who call this part of London home. We then take those delicious ingredients, treat them with respect and cook them to perfection. 

Our main bar is where locals and guests mingle for evening cocktails or a sneaky lunch time drink. Our mezzanine bar spills out onto our terrace; doors open, candles lit, drinks in hand with guests and locals soaking up the South Bank atmosphere. Basically the embodiment of Bankside: an effortless welcome serving up the best that the neighbourhood can offer.