Our Art

a creative mark

Our Art

Art in all its forms, an eclectic expression of creativity. Not a museum, but a hand-picked collection of works and disciplines. You’ll see it on our walls, you’ll sit on it and at it, it’s everywhere and everything. Mid-Century underpins the whole collection, but that’s about as uniform as it gets. The ultimate expression of our vision is our Makers in Residence programme.

A Commitment to Art

Meet our designer and visionary Dayna Lee and hear her share her ethos on the importance of creativity. See how Dayna and a whole host of talented artists, craftsmen and makers came together to produce this creative environment.

Our Collection

A brief insight into our collection and the people behind it. Don’t expect an academic catalogue or a detailed list, but more a quick sketch of the intriguing and interesting objects and furniture within the hotel.

Our Makers Studio

Art Yard Maker's Studio is a permanent creative space in the hotel, filled by an ever-changing roster of artists curated by Contemporary Collective, a gallery that promotes emerging artists. During your stay, you will be able to watch artists practice their creative expertise and so be taken on an informative and artistic journey.

Cultural events

We are surrounded by art and creativity, it embodies our neighbourhood. We’ve put together this non-exhaustive list that we feel best expresses what is happening locally. It covers, art, theatre, cinema - in fact anything that is creative.