A gourmet food market, located in a unique position under a network of railway viaducts, is the winner of numerous awards and voted as their favourite place to visit by Londoners.

Borough Market offers specialities directly from the producers, organic products, delicatessen, cheese, wines, fish and imported continental fare. If you’re not familiar with the produce on the stalls, or you’re not sure how to cook it, just ask: the traders will be delighted to tell you about their specialities, where they come from and how to make the most of them. Look round carefully before you buy – the Market sells some expensive delicacies but there are also lots of delicious affordable cuts of meat and good-value seasonal fish, vegetables and fruit.

Borough’s Green Market is converted into one of the finest canteens imaginable, featuring offerings from many of the Market’s regular stalls – including Thüringer Rostbratwurst sausages from The German Deli, oysters from Richard Hayward, pie and mash from Pieminister, potted game sandwiches from The Potted Game Company and much, much more. Everything on sale at the lunch market, both hot and cold, is as carefully sourced, as expertly made and as unimpeachably high in quality as you would expect from Borough Market’s traders.

The Market Hall – is a striking glass structure that opens out onto the Green Market and provides a convenient new entrance onto Borough High Street – it offers shoppers a place to sit, eat, relax and chat, while discovering more about the Market and the food it sells. It will be simultaneously a classroom, a kitchen, an orchard, an information hub and a dining hall, contained within a highly distinctive and architecturally innovative public space.