Where you belong

Our ethos


Hi, I’m Marjolein Verhoeven and my job is to make sure that the hotel is filled with truly amazing people. I’m not talking about our guests, though they are pretty awesome, I’m talking about the people who work at Bankside.
I’m always on the look out for people with passion for life and for work. This passion is helping Bankside to become a special place; guests feel this positive energy that permeates the hotel and it makes them feel good. Passion is a really important word for me, you can't teach it, it’s something you need to have naturally and that can grow in a place where you can just be you. We offer a place where you can be just that!
I love working alongside genuine people, you know the sort. You can recognise the self-confidence, not to be confused with cockiness, that surrounds them. In hospitality this is so important as it means that they can engage with anyone and everyone in their own way.
My aim is that everyone who works at Bankside feels inspired, cared for and respected. If they do, then I feel I’ve achieved something really special, as I take my responsibility for making a positive difference to someone’s career, very seriously. 


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