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We're always on the look out for interesting, passionate and talented people to fill a whole host of positions here at Bankside at every level imaginable. Don't worry if you've got no hospitality experience, it's you that we are interested in, the rest can be taught. Though if you do have experience, we would love to hear from you too. If you are from the Bankside neighbourhood, then step this way. We want the hotel to be full of  locals, with local knowledge, we want that authentic edge, and that we believe comes from genuine people who represent our community. There's a creative atmosphere to Bankside, so if you love all things arty, then you'll fit right in.

Most importantly we want you to love people, as our General Manager Douglas says: “ My mum told me to get into hospitality because I liked talking to people.”

Service culture

Guests will be comfortable in their own skin, and we would want you to offer them friendly, attentive and discrete service, but we also want them to connect with you on a truly personal level. We want everyone at Bankside to be: genuinely friendly, approachable, engaging and proud of where they work. It would be great if you were also: Culturally aware, with an emphasis on local knowledge and socially conscious.

Current vacancies

Check out our current vacancy list here, if you don't see a role for you but think you could belong at Bankside please whizz over your CV using the form at the bottom of this page.

Meet Marjolein

Introducing our Director of People and Development. Fancy title eh? But as it says, Marjolein’s focus is not about just filling jobs and leaving it there, her approach is a lot more personal. The moment you join us, you are looked after, you will truly feel like you belong at Bankside, and Marjolein is with you throughout your journey to make sure you grow both emotionally and professionally.

Get To Know Us

Bankside is the culmination of team work (we practice what we preach). You'll find out why we think locals are so important, how we don't follow rules when it comes to running a hotel and why we want you to be yourself when you join the team.

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