As you’d expect from a hotel that loves creativity, our approach to helping you keep fit and healthy is … creative. We have a gym with the equipment you’d expect, but we also offer free StreetGym® classes to our guests on various days of the week. More on this below, but basically it’s all about connecting with an open environment and using what’s about as your gym.


If kettle bells and dumb bells ring yours, then our gym is open 24-hours a day for you to use. Located in the basement, it is equipped with all the bits you need to work up a sweat and get the heart pumping.


Fancy the idea of getting outside, exploring the local area and keeping fit? Then these free classes (for guests only) are for you. Described by the founder John Allison as an ‘active travel experience’, his ethos is, that when you are in the open air the benefits of your work out are not just physical but mental as well. StreetGym® transforms our neighbourhood into your gym, so giving you two lessons in one: local history and fitness. Sign up for you free StreetGym® class at Front Desk. Classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm.

Twenty Two Training

Keep fit in the comfort of your own room during your stay with celebrity personal trainer Dalton Wong’s Mini-Bands and Sliders. Dalton of Twenty Two Training has developed these ultimate 'at-home' workout tools to tone, sculpt and strengthen and reach the muscles no other workout can reach.