Twenty Two Training

Twenty Two Training

Stretch, tone, sculpt… resistance bands and gliders can help you do all of these in then comfort of your room. We have collaborated with Dalton Wong of  Twenty Two Training to provide guests with the opportunity to keep toned whilst away from home. Dalton's mini-bands and gliders have been used by his high-profile clients for years, who say that ”They reach the muscles no other workout can reach." 

Mini-bands come as a pack of three: pink for posture, purple for fat-burning and blue for toning, gliders come in sets of two and are designed to work on both smooth, wooden floors and carpets. You can borrow them from Front Desk for use during your stay, or buy a pack from one of our vending machines. 

To help you get the most out of these products, Dalton Wong has created a selection of videos which you can watch on the TV in your room or in the gym.

15 minute Mini-band stretch program

A 15 minute restorative stretch program to invigorate your body, focusing on the shoulders, back and hips. The program is a combination of yoga, Pilates and gentle active mobility stretches.

15-minute slider workout

A 15-minute slider plan, a great total body workout focusing on your core, hips and back.

15-minute mini-band exercise plan

This 15-minute mini-band exercise plan is specifically designed to improve posture, tone and also improve troubled areas. The three coloured bands each have a different resistance, ensuring you are constantly challenged.

15-minute mini-band stretch programme

This 15-minute restorative stretch programme invigorates your body, focusing on the shoulders, back and hips. This programme is a combination of yoga, pilates and gentle active mobility stretches.