a creative space


a social hub

Where you belong

Bankside has bedrooms and suites obviously, 161 bedrooms and seven suites to be precise. But we are more than that; Bankside is a social hub for anyone, guest or local, with a passion for culture, art and food

Set across six storeys, we have strived to make everything feel like home, with eclectic artworks and handpicked furniture in every room and public space. Service is genuinely friendly and everyone who works here is as individual as our guests.

We are proud of our neighbourhood and we hope that Bankside is a real reflection of the community spirit; what is going on outside influences what happens inside.

Our art

Bankside’s art is not a highbrow curated collection, we hope it is more interesting than that. Each piece has been chosen for its individual quality, whatever the medium and subject. It is diverse and quirky, selected to make guests smile, think, ponder or all three.


Putting purpose before profit and creativity before commercialism, we are proud to be working with the New Craftsman to showcase and shine a light on London’s up-and-coming creative talents. Our atelier space is dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artists and makers and everyone is welcome to watch them at work.

Community Spirit

When there is so much going on in your neighbourhood, who wouldn't want to get involved and be part of it? When you stay at Bankside we want you to feel connected to what’s going on outside, whether its in the art galleries, theatres, artisan shops, cafes or the people who work with us. We want our guests to feel like proper locals, and not outsiders.