Maker in Residence – Ernesto Romano

Mon, 01 Jul - Wed, 31 Jul
2 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 9JU
Ernesto Romano an Italian artist living and working in London, from Contemporary Collective, takes residence in Bankside Hotel's Makers Studio during the month of July.

His practice involves the use of medical records like X-rays or MRIs of his body which he uses to make his art. The use of X-rays is a simple way to explore the very essence of being human, deprived of any feature or embellishment that may come with society or status. We are all equal in the end regardless of the jewels we wear. Jewels and embellishments are often present in his work, together with bold colours. He embellishes his works often with glitter, gold leaf or diamond dust. The love for colours is the love for life and for being alive and being human. His work is often bold, ironic, frivolous,  but he deeply reflects on bigger questions: where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go?
Talking about his creative process, Ernesto writes:
I like to describe my process with the words of a friend who once said: you are progressively dissecting yourself! I think she captured it quite well. I mostly use X-rays and scans of my body and I am constantly searching for new ways of exploring myself with medical records. I recently completed a project with the help of UCL where an MRI of my brain has been converted into a 3D file which was then 3D printed. From the 3D print then a mould was created to make copies of my brain in resin. It was so fascinating. I am thinking of working on my heart next. I like the element of technology behind all of these medical images and scan processes, especially when I mix it with the materiality that is given by the elements I add to my prints such as glitter, gold leaf, spray paint or Swarovski crystals. This added layer, together with the colours I use for my skulls, is what have been shaping for my latest works and I can see it as the direction of my future ones.

Visit Ernesto in the makers studio at Bankside hotel throughout July.
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