Fri, 06 Dec - Fri, 06 Dec £7.50pp 10:00 – 12:00
Artist Studio, Bankside Hotel
2 Blackfriars Road London SE1 9JU
Join us at Bankside Hotel for a two hour ink technique workshop with artist in residence, Rod McIntosh.

About this Event
On Friday 6th December and Monday 11th December, join us at Bankside Hotel for a two hour technique workshop with artist Rod McIntosh. This event expands on past workshops focused on mindfulness and ink painting, providing visitors with the opportunity to observe the artist’s practice and technique.

This workshop will focus specifically on the artist's use of brush strokes and mark making, exploring the variety of marks you can make with a brush in cultivating a broader language. Greatly influenced by the tradition of drawing, the artist’s techniques involves utilising the body, the breath along with materials, and repetitive often-obsessive processes focusing attention to the present.

Rod McIntosh is part of an ever-changing programme of makers in residence at Bankside Hotel’s makers studio. Bankside provides a permanent creative space and working with curators Contemporary Collective champion up-and-coming creatives, covering a wide range of disciplines including design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography. During his stay, Bankside guests are able to watch artists practice their creative expertise and so be taken on an informative and artistic journey.
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