Mon, 05 Aug - Sat, 31 Aug
Makers Gallery, Bankside Hotel
Bankside Hotel, Upper Ground London SE1 9JU
During the month of August, award winning British portrait artist, Sophie Derrick, will take up residence at the Bankside Hotel's Artist Studio Space 

Sophie Derrick is a British artist who exploits the transformative and alchemic properties of painting, photography and sculpture pushing out the 'self' resulting in a 'self-less' state.  Through her practice, Derrick blanks out and departs from herself transcending the artist, the woman and becoming 'agender' with the single motive of demonstrating the possibility of reaching a place where we too can be 'other'. Sophie Derrick's practice is founded on self-portraiture, but her blending of sculptural painting and performative photography successfully transcends any traditional interpretation.

During her residency, in the dedicated Makers Space at Bankside Hotel, Sophie will focus her time craeting new and boundry exploring owrks for her forethcoming solo show. Her processes will involve computer-based editing, as well as experimental installation, collage, and painting work. For this residency, Derrick has undertaken a new painted face photoshoot using bold primary colours interspersed with flesh tones. Unusually for Derrick, her latest body of work will incorporate elements including arms and hands. Throughout the residency, Derrick will be layering images one over another, creating her signature distorted and abstracted portraits.

Derrick will be looking at experimenting with a large-scale installation of hanging paint strokes. This would become an immersive piece; which people could walk into and around and become enveloped in the art. The intention will be to create an extremely eye catching and enticing piece to passers-by, the local community, and residents. Visitors would be able to come in and interact with the piece. 

Derrick would also be looking to showcase her process through a live painting session. Watch this space for more details on the model and how to get a voyeuristic glimpse into the artist's process. Escapism is a large part of Sophie Derrick's work and the immersive nature of the residency will hopefully help visitors and viewers to escape busy London life for a moment or two and immerse themselves in paint. 

Visit Sophie in the ground floor makers Studio at Bankside Hotel from 5th-31st August 2019. Ask at the Hotel's Front Desk for details.

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