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April 02, 2018

Our New Craftsmen

Our interior designer Dayna has been working with The New Craftsmen, curators of exceptional British craft, to commission unique features within the hotel. This wonderful collective look to makers who inject energy and dynamism into what they make and we are delighted to have met and commissioned two exciting artists.

Malgorzata Bany (pictured)
It’s Malgorzata’s ceramic skills that have caught Dayna’s eye – particularly her tables that use Jesmonite. Expect to see a series of clean, curved side tables around the hotel. Perfect for holding your cocktail… no coaster required.

Laura Carlin
Laura has been commissioned to provide two murals composed of her illustrations that bring the culture and energy of Southbank to life. Who and what is going to appear, we have yet to see, but if it truly depicts what goes on outside, it will be interesting.