Tate to Tate by boat

Mon, 28 Jan - Thu, 28 Feb On Request
Tate to Tate by boat
Visit both the Tate Galleries, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, traveling from one building to the other by boat (the Tate Thames Clipper). This is a unique opportunity to see the best of what both Tates have to offer and beat the traffic with a nice ride on the River Thames.
The tour will start at Tate Modern, where we will look at the highlights of contemporary and abstract art by some of the most famous artists, as well as the lesser-known ones. We will then board the Tate boat, which will whisk us to Tate Britain in under 25 minutes. Tate Britain was established in 1897 and is the home of British art from 1500 to the present day. We will focus on the ten most iconic paintings and pieces of sculpture. 

Who will take you out: Julija, who just happens to be a professional photographer, art historian and the founder of Nejas Art Walks, who provide new electrifying journeys through art. Julija has a master’s degree in History of Art and Photography and also worked as an Assistant Researcher at the Tate Collection Research Department. Basically she knows a lot about art. Julija has been a tour guide for three years, combine that with her knowledge of art and it’s easy to see why you wont find a better person to help you navigate Tate Galleries' rich collection of art.


Price: £90/person + boat ride £8.40 single
Duration: 3h

Contact Hotel Reception for more details: reception@banksidehotel.com 
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