Tue, 29 Jan - Thu, 28 Feb
Discover London with Mr Londoner, aka Antony Robbins, historical expert and a former director of the Museum of London, a man born and bred in the capital he still calls home.

1. Trail One: Bankside, Dark Side
We explore Bankside’s dark history from an historical perspective, walking in the footsteps of Londoners over the centuries, and handling artefacts from the past. See the evidence of the WW2 Blitz; learn about whose head was the first to be cut off and displayed on London Bridge; and discover the mysterious Crossbones graveyard, closed in the 19th century when overcrowding meant body parts became visible on the surface. All of life - and death - is here in Bankside.

2. Trail Two: Tights, Camera, Action - film, theatre and art in Bankside 
Bankside is London’s original home of raucous entertainment. William Shakespeare and his Company The King’s Men put the area on the map in the early 1600s. Before long, the Globe was soon joined by the Swan and the Rose theatres. Bankside remained a place Londoners let their hair down well into the 20th century. One of London’s few surviving music halls stands here still. The area has film and literary connections too - from Alice in Wonderland to Bridget Jones and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels.

Price: £35/person
Duration: 3h

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