extraordinary creatives

past artists in residence

extraordinary creatives

past artists in residence

extraordinary creatives

past artists in residence

Past Artists

Art Yard Maker’s Studio at Bankside Hotel has welcomed a number of extraordinary creatives, each with their unique style, covering a wide range of disciplines including: design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography.  

Samuel Ryde

Samuel Ryde is a London based photographer with a passion for noticing the un-noticed objects and architecture of everyday human life. During his residency, he created, ‘The Fifteen Minute Series’, capturing and reflecting the area the Bankside Hotel is located in. Samuel was in residence from April 4th - June 18th 2023.

Luke M Walker

Luke M Walker returned to the studio for his second residency. He is an urban landscape painter who believes that art should raise awareness about environment issues. During his time in the studio Luke focused on the changing landscape of London and the Thames. Luke was in residence 30th January - 2nd April 2023.

Joshua Donkor

Joshua Donkor is a Ghanaian-British painter whose work uses portraiture as a tool to subvert monolithic portrayals of Black identity. Joshua approaches portraiture as a collaborative exercise between him and his sitters. Joshua was in residence 31st October - 29th January 2023.

Corinne Natel

A contemporary artist, specialising in abstract mixed media paintings. Corinne is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media. Corinne was in residence from 4th September - 30th October 2022

Imogen Morris

Influenced by the traditional craft of hand embroidery, Imogen creates portraits using nail & thread. Imogen was in residence 4th July until 4th September 2022.

Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens is a British Contemporary artist whose work explores our relationship with the natural environment on a social and cultural level. Lucy was in residence in the studio from 16th May - 29 June 2022

Kelly Jenkins

Kelly Jenkins is a contemporary painter and textile artist based in Hampshire. Her meticulously embroidered paintings reflect graphically the complex world we now live in. Kelly was in residence from 9th April - 14th May 2022.

Georgina Harris

Painter Georgina's work investigates how our bodies are emotionally and physically intertwined with the natural landscape. Georgina was in residence from September 27th - December 6th 2021.

Lauren Goldie

Mixed media sculptor Lauren Goldie will explore Astronomy as a main theme and inspiration during her residency. Examining the fragilities of our planet, hypothetical narratives from outer space and the imagined landscapes that could become home. Lauren was in residence 2-29th August 2021.

Julie Bennett

Julie Bennett is a portrait painter producing bold, unapologetically confident portraits appropriate pop culture icons from the music industry. Julie was in residence 21st June - 1st August 2021.


During his residency Guglielmo created a large size composition to emphasise a collective consciousness through portraits. Guglielmo was in residence 19th April 2021 - 11th June 2021.

Sam Wagner

Sam Wagner is a New York-based artist who focuses on shape and harmony of composition. Sam was in residence from January 17th 2022 - March 20th 2022.

Johannes Nielsen

During his virtual residency Johannes divided his time into 4 chapters, focusing on one of the following themes each week: horse sculpture, drawing with ink, human sculpture, and an audience voted/requested theme. Virtual residency 13th March - 11th April 2021

Michael Slusakowicz

Michael Slusakowicz used the studio space to explore expanding the size of his signature still lifes. Michael was in residence 7th December - 29th January 2021

Anika Manuel

Anika Manuel is a portrait and figurative painter with a passion is for the flat, found image. She captures realistic depictions of the human figure with a focus towards the stylized and the celebrity. Anika completed a virtual residency 8th Feburary - 12th March 2021

Ottelien Huckin

Ottelien's work is a sensual approach to classical figure drawing, which involves drawing directly on the canvas with oil bar. Ottelien was in residence from January 13th - March 23rd 2020

Rod McIntosh

Rod studied figurative sculpture in Sheffield, graduating in 1992, his current work as a mark-maker lies within the tradition of drawing. Rod was in Residence November 2019 -January 2020

The Cummings Twins

Mark and Paul Cummings intention is to create phenomenological experiences, with an interest for the occult, mysticism, technology and zeitgeist. They produce artworks namely sculptures and audio-visual performances too – being multidisciplinary they utilise any medium that suits the project best. The Cummings Twins were in residence September-October 2019.

Sophie Derrick

Sophie Derrick is a British artist who exploits the transformative and alchemic properties of painting, photography and sculpture pushing out the 'self' resulting in a 'self-less' state. Sophie was in residence during August 2019.

Ernesto Romano

Ernesto's unique style involves the use of medical records like X-rays or MRIs to make his art. The use of X-rays is a simple way to explore the very essence of being human, deprived of any feature or embellishment that may come with society or status. Ernesto was in residence during July 2019.

Michael Wallner

Michael Wallner's latest work celebrates the beauty of the city through the shapes and outlines that define its landmarks and character. Michael was in residency from May-June 2019.

Ramzi Musa & Lana Matsuyama

Husband and wife duo Ramzi Musa & Lana Matsuyama explored a collaboration between artists during their residence 7th October - 4th December 2020


Victoria Heald is a London-based artist specialising in painting figurative and animal works on gold. Victoria spent two months working from our space from March-April 2019.

Luke Walker

Luke Walker was our inaugural maker, he is an urban landscape painter who believes that art should raise awareness about environment issues. Luke spent his residency exploring the local Bankside area, producing many works of the local landscape and architecture.

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